Great White Shark: Beyond the Cage of Fear

The Great White Shark is the most feared animal on the planet. It can weigh 2000 pounds, has razor sharp teeth and is one of the most stealthy, ambush hunters in the oceans. They are so dangerous, in fact, that most people believe the only way to study them is through the bars of a cage. But what if we are wrong? Is it possible that Great Whites are not the demons we believe them to be? In Great White Shark: Beyond the Cage of Fear, the crew of the Captain Jack will swim into the open ocean in order to form a relationship with a 16 foot, 2000 pound, Great White Shark named Bruce. They will see through his eyes, swim with him, interact with him, even touch him and in the end, they will be so confident in the relationship that they have built, that they will attempt an experiment that most people would find absolutely crazy, introduce a Great White Shark to a real life mermaid.